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EC3 offers over 200 native seed species and over 100 native plant species. These species are available for purchase for restoration projects through our Deep Roots nursery program. EC3 set up this program by partnering with respected local vendors and consignment growers in Wisconsin and the surrounding states. The goal is to increase the availability of native seeds and plants while reducing the price to the end user, so that more restoration projects can be accomplished with a higher success rate.
  • Over 200 Species of Native Seeds and Plants to choose from
  • Pre-designed EC3 Native Seed Mixes
  • CRP, WRP, CREP, EQUIP, SAFE, and other Government Native Seed Mixes
  • Custom Native Seed Mixes
  • Native Plant and Plant Gardens
  • Deciduous Tree and Shrub Seedlings
  • Cover Crop Seed
  • Food Plot, Forage, and Fescue Seed Mixes
  • Hardwood Bark and Certified Weed-Free Straw Mulch
  • Erosion Control Mats

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