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Prescribed burning is the deliberate use of fire under specified and controlled conditions that accomplishes many important ecological functions. Some of the benefits of performing prescribed burn techniques include: reduction of hazardous fuels, invasive species control, restoration and improvement of natural forest conditions, promotion of seed germination and flowering, and improved wildlife habitat.

Prescribed burning is a cost-effective alternative and is extremely effective when compared to chemical and mechanical techniques. Chemical and mechanical techniques can become very expensive and have associated environmental risks. Prescribed burning can be done with less risk to the environment and is less destructive to the restoration site.

Prescribed burning is very complex and can cause significant damage if not performed by certified personnel. EC3 uses only the most highly qualified and experienced burn personnel to perform burn prescriptions. EC3 will ensure a proper diagnosis is executed and a detailed plan is in place before a burn prescription is implemented.

Prescribed BurningThings to know about EC3's burn crews:
  • EC3's burn crews use a safety first approach on each prescription.
  • EC3 will effectively manage and implement your burn plan in a cost-effective manner and within a respectable time frame.
  • EC3 will assess a project's ecological site condition and will write a specific burn plan for each site.
  • EC3 will work with local authorities and will obtain all necessary permits.
  • EC3's burn crews have over 40 years of combined experience.
  • EC3's personnel will conduct over 2,500 acres in burns per year.
  • EC3's certifications include S130/S190/S290/S390 for wildland fire.
  • EC3 is fully insured specifically for prescribed burns.

EC3 Prescribed Burning Services:
  • Prescribed Burning
  • Prescribed Burn Plan Writting
  • Prescribed Burn Plans
  • Fire Break Installation
  • Permitting

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