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Our Team is the Difference

A strong management team is vital to any organization. In most cases, the management team's vision, talents, beliefs, and commitment determine the company's success more than the experience and education of individuals. We believe our management team is dedicated, experienced, talented, and armed with the resources necessary to take on your project and guide it to success.

EC3 Burn CrewMeet our Management Team:

John Castro — President

Eric Schlender — Vice President

Ryan Fischer — Biologist/Project Manager

Bob Wick — Senior Technician

EC3 is committed to exhausting all avenues available for our clients so that the appropriate resources, scientists, expert researchers, and skilled technicians are available for each project. In order to achieve this goal, EC3 must recruit and hire only the most qualified and determined individuals that share our company's passion and values. Below is a list of our talented support staff that has been obtained over the years.

EC3 Native PlantingMeet our Support Staff:

Kevin Brecka — Project Manager

Richie Breunig — Project Manager

Peter Ziegler — Project Manager

Alex Weber — Project Manager

Randy Brandt — Land Management Technician

Brian Kozlowski — Land Management Technician

Ben Gaffney — Land Management Technician

Shane Fischer — Land Management Technician

Dan Krueger — Land Management Technician/Landscape Estimator

James Wagner — Land Management Technician

Marcy Huffaker — Landscape Designer

Heather Kelly — Marketing Coordinator

Sharon Kelly — Accounting

EC3 truly believes that people make the difference and we guarantee that our team will be the difference when it comes to making your project a success.

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