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EC3 has experience in all phases of the project cycle. We are committed to identifying environmental concerns early in the planning process while providing creative techniques and strategies that will ensure your project is a success.

From controlling stormwater runoff for the purposes of reducing downstream erosion and sedimentation, to helping with water quality degradation, to providing mitigation for the adverse effects of changes in land use on the aquatic environment, EC3 is here to help.

Our expertise includes many related issues such as wetland restoration, stormwater management, shoreline stabilization, and erosion control. We can offer a comprehensive package of various ecological services that will help conserve water resources and protect our communities.
    GIS Mapping - Site Analysis & Assessments
  • Ecological Surveys, Assessments, and Monitoring

  • Conservation Planning and Design

  • Environmental Compliance and Permitting

  • Erosion Control

  • GIS/GPS Mapping

  • Habitat Evaluations

  • Native Landscape Design and Specifications

  • Natural Resource Inventory and Assessments

  • Project Budgeting, Coordination, and Oversight

  • Site Analysis and Assessment

  • Soil and Water Evaluations

  • Stormwater Facilities Remediation and Inspection

  • Threatened and Endangered Species

  • Watershed Management Plans

  • Vegetation Assessments and Monitoring

  • Wetland Delineation, Compliance, and Permitting

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