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EC3's focus shifts immediately towards a stewardship program once a natural area is created, restored, or enhanced. We instantly take action to ensure the health, aesthetics, and integrity of a restoration is sustained.

If a natural area is not maintained, it can become overgrown with invasive and weedy species and the aesthetics will deteriorate. Our stewardship service packages are creative, flexible, and adapt to the changes as they occur on your project. Our trained staff will recognize when changes occur on your site and is experienced in responding to those changes with innovative strategies and practical techniques that will ensure your project remains successful.

Natural Areas Stewardship We don't just maintain natural areas; we steward them. Our stewardship service packages are not only a necessity; they are our guarantee that your restoration project will thrive for future generations to share and learn from. If you are interested in proven results and would like assistance with your project, contact us and we will discuss a stewardship program that is right for you.
  • Stewardship Plans

  • Vegetation Monitoring

  • Enhancement Seeding

  • Prescribed Burning

  • Prescribed Burn Plan Writing

  • Installation of Burn Breaks

  • Invasive Species Removal and Control

  • Herbicide Applications

  • Hand Cutting and Hand Weeding

  • Brush Cutting/Forestry Mowing

  • Spot Mowing

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