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Woodlands, savannas, and prairies are being infested with unwanted invasive woody species. Forestry mowing is a cost effective way of controlling and removing these species. Our team will take an environmentally friendly approach to clearing your land by mechanically "mowing" brush and trees 4 - 8 inches in diameter. This process is more advantageous over traditional bulldozing because it creates nutrient rich mulch and eliminates the need to burn or haul off large piles of brush. This method also helps prevent erosion and runoff pollution by not disturbing the root structure of larger trees. There is no need for hand cutting, stacking, and disposing of material anymore. A forestry mower can do all of this is one step. We also offer follow up herbicide application.

The following are examples of projects where utilizing forestry mowing methods are beneficial:

Forestry and Reforestation
  • Thinning slash, eliminating invasive plant species
  • Promoting indigenous species
  • Trail Building
  • Forestry Site Prep
  • Wildlife habitat restoration

Fire Suppression
  • Fire breaks and fire fighting access lanes
  • Thinning fuels at wild land urban interface

Recreational Clearing
  • Pastures and riding trails
  • Pond and creek visibility
  • Hunting plots and shooting lanes (hub and spoke)

Row and Utility
  • Utility Right-of-Way Clearing
  • Survey lines, fence lines, oil exploration lines
  • Drill site prep, pipelines

Land Clearing and Construction
  • Real Estate Developments, Residential Lot Clearing
  • Security & Safety Clearances
  • Pre-grading for site prep and vegetation reduction
View Forestry Mowing Video

fecon 1fecon 1
Before and After - Example 1

fecon 2fecon 2
Before and After - Example 2

fecon 3fecon 3
Before and After - Example 3

fecon 4fecon 4
Chainsaw vs. Forestry Mowing

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