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EC3 Ecological RestorationEcological restoration is the activity of renewing a degraded, damaged, or destroyed ecosystem. It can also mean creating a diverse functional landscape where one didn't exist previously. EC3 will assess the health and integrity of an ecosystem and then implement proven scientific techniques that will provide solutions for long-term sustainability. EC3's scope of work ranges from, but is not limited to: erosion control, reforestation, removal of non-native and invasive species, revegetation of disturbed areas, reintroduction of native species, and wildlife habitat improvement.

EC3's team of botanists, biologists, ecologists, and restoration land stewards has over 50 years of experience and is ready to help you with the restoration or enhancement of your prairie, wetland, woodland, or savanna.
  • Prairie, Woodland, and Savanna Restoration

  • Site Preparation for Natural Areas

  • Native Seed and Plant Installation

  • Erosion Control Installation

  • Rain Garden Installation

  • Wetland Restoration and Mitigation

  • Stormwater Treatment Systems

  • Lake and Stream Shoreline Stabilization

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