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EC3 Environmental Consulting Group Inc. (EC3) began operations on April 24, 2008. EC3 is located in Madison Wisconsin, servicing Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa. The company is organized as a subchapter "S" corporation and is owned and operated by its founders, John Castro and Eric Schlender. The management staff of the company has over 50 years of combined ecological consulting and land management experience and has an established history of working with state and local regulators.

EC3 is currently staffed with a team of restoration ecologists, natural resources scientists, and dedicated land stewards who collectively possess more than 100 years of experience relating to ecology, wetlands, wildlife habitat, erosion control, and stormwater management.

EC3's clientele is very diverse. We provide service to six different client segments: private land owners, corporate campuses, commercial contracts, municipalities and government agencies, professional service firms, and non-profit organizations.

In assisting both the regulators and the regulated, we offer various comprehensive consulting and land management packages. Some of these packages include environmental regulation compliance services, permitting, and wetland determinations. We also offer conservation and habitat consulting and native plant community design, installation, and maintenance. If you are in need of botanical inventory for your project, we have native plants, seeds, trees, and shrubs available through our Deep Roots Nursery.

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