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Shooting Star Native Seeds

Shooting Star Native Seeds, based in Spring Grove, Minnesota, was established in 1989 in response to the increasing demand for local-genotype native prairie seed. Using the equipment, facilities, land, and expertise gained from a commercial farming background, Shooting Star quickly became a major supplier of native seed for corporate, municipal, and private land owners across the upper Midwest. SSNS currently offers over 250 native species, tested, source-identified, and sold on a PLS (Pure Live Seed) basis. Please visit Shooting Star at
Wildland Properties Team

Realtors on this team specialize in Wisconsin land, farms, and country homes. They have in-depth knowledge of the rural property market and have the tools, marketing, and experience to satisfy the most discerning seller and buyer clients.

This team of realtors is also a group of outdoor enthusiasts who have lived, loved, and worked with Wisconsin homes and land for over 30 years. They have the knowledge, skill, and resources to maximize your rural property investment.

Recently Wildland Properties teamed with Wildland Management (a division of EC3), enabling an offering of services like no other available to a landowner. Our combined resources now give the landowner the necessary tools to help in navigating the complexities and opportunities inherent in buying, selling, or owning rural property. Our efforts will save you time, enhance your results, and achieve your wildland goals. Please visit to learn more about our team.
Wildland Management - A Division of EC3

Wildland Management is a division of EC3 that was specifically created to help private landowners get the most out of their property. The staff of Wildland Management has over 100 years of professional experience managing wildlife habitats. This team understands quality habitat means quality wildlife, and this is why they dedicate their time to the conservation, enhancement, and professional management of wildlife habitats.

Wildland Management offers a variety of service packages and management plans that can be designed to suit your specific goals for your property. Wildland Management specializes in native grassland restoration and maintenance, prescribed burning, forestry mowing and TSI, creation of wetlands, food plot development, GIS/GPS property mapping, and numerous other services.

Wildland Management can also assist landowners with government conservation programs, installation, and management guidelines.

Our passion is working with private landowners to get the most out of their property for wildlife.
Cason and Associates, LLC

EC3 is excited to announce a partnership with Cason & Associates, LLC, in helping to provide clients with effective, environmentally sound and sustainable solutions for aquatic resource management challenges. Our combined teams will help to provide clients with professional consultants, services and tools for managing lakes, ponds, rivers and wetlands. Our combined teams include biologists, ecologists, limnologists, wildlife habitat specialists, and licensed commercial applicators. Additional scientific, technical and engineering support will also be available from our vast network of partners in conservation.

Please visit to learn more about Cason & Associates, LLC.

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